In the schools with students and teachers

The AJW’s mission is to perform for and with public school students in order to encourage their participation in band, orchestra, and choir programs; to uphold and promote the American jazz tradition; and, to enhance quality of life for all ages through live performances employing area musicians and collaborations with school ensembles and nonprofit organizations in central Texas.

One of the most exciting moments of the Austin Jazz Workshop project occurs when the musician enters the music classroom. In this more intimate setting, children have an opportunity to ask questions and witness firsthand the joy and dedication a professional brings to jazz performance. They are also encouraged to become active participants in the process of music-making themselves through participation in school band, orchestra, and choir programs.

For the 2020-21 school year, the AJW will present Takin’ Off! With Herbie Hancock.  Watch this space for classroom workshop materials, coming soon.  Workshop materials enable elementary school music teachers to prepare your class for the two songs that will be sung in this year’s workshops and assembly performances.  Pre-clinician preparation is optional. 

AJW 2021-22 Teachers Guide Herbie Hancock

AISD AJW Herbie Hancock Scheduling Form

RRISD AJW Herbie Hancock Scheduling Form



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