AJW EMJATA Performance, Threadgill’s Restaurant, 6.17.12.

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  • Cindy Price Wargo says:

    Mike, I very much enjoyed looking at your website! Unfortunately, from my IPad, I could not play the clips…thank you Steve Jobs! Played with Ella Fitzgerald ,Wow! That’s impressive! Anyway, best of luck with the revamped website! BTW, it’s about time for another get together, don’t you think? Cindy

  • AJWadmin says:

    Unfortunately, IPads do not read flash media. I have one too and can’t see/hear a lot of things. Don’t know if there’s a work around. Fortunately, I also have a PC or two that can read EVERYTHING! Thanks, Steve Jobs indeed! If you find a solution, Cindy, please clue me in!


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